Ambassador Program Terms

Affiliate Terms

1.) The Parties agree that Affiliate WP Tool will be utilized for tracking purchases under the program.  User information and instructions tracking sales and provide data to the Affiliate will be included.

2) Tiered Affiliate Rates. The Parties agree to a tiered commission rate as follows:

Affiliate Earnings  Commission Rate
$0- $1,4991.5%
$1,500 -$6,9903%


Visits are tacked by:
  • a “cookie” named “affwp_ref” which is a small text file created by GCI website that is stored in the customer’s The Cookie stores the affiliate’s unique ID and is used to track the sales of the user.
  • affwp_ref_visit_id– this cookie stores the visit ID (the visit ID increments by 1, each time any referral link is used until the cookie expires or is deleted)
  • The affiliate is being tracked across all pages of the website
  • Cookies tracking cookie stay in the customer’s browser for 60 days.
  • Cookie will reset if user does not make a sale within the 60 days.
  • The first affiliate link that the customer clicks will store the affiliate’s ID in a cookie and it cannot be overridden from the second link unless the cookie expires, or the customer clears their browser cookies and then clicks on the second link

Ways of Tracking

The following ways of affiliate tracking is available:

Direct Link Tracking

  • Affiliate will provide their domain(s) that they own and where they will place the links to CGI website.
  • When a customer clicks the link on the affiliate’s website and arrives on CGI site, the domain is looked up in the database. If the domain belongs to an affiliate, that affiliate’s ID is stored in the browser’s cookies, just like a normal affiliate link.
  • By using Direct Link Tracking, visitors will be completely unaware of any affiliate links, greatly increasing the chance of clicking a link to your site and going on to complete a purchase.

Affiliate Landing Page

  • Affiliate will have their own page in the CGI website and if a customer lands on this page the affiliate cookie will be set if no other affiliate cookie is present.
  • Affiliate URL

Affiliate Link

  • Affiliate will use a code to append to the GCI website link. This can be done with username or ID (e.g username is john, and their affiliate ID is 1)
    • /ref/john
    • /page/ref/1
    • /page/ref/john
    • /?ref=1
    • /page?ref=1
    • /?ref=john

Coupons vs Affliliate Link

When a customer clicks on an affiliate link and uses a coupon assigned to that affiliate, the system will record only one referral, the coupon will always “win”, including if it is assigned to a different affiliate.  The affiliate assigned to the coupon or discount code will always receive the referral, regardless if an affiliate link was

Affiliate Area

The login page for the Affiliate is

Affiliate will have access to their Affiliate Area ( In the affiliate area the affiliate can see the following information regarding to their program:

Referral URL Generator

Visits – Shows the Referral Traffic, the page the customer landed on and the referring site and if this visit converted to a sale.

Referrals – Shows the sales activity

Statistics Page: Here the following information can be seen:

  • Number of visits
  • Paid Referrals
  • Unpaid Referrals,
  • Conversion rate
  • Unpaid Earnings
  • Paid Earnings
  • Current Commission Rate

Recurring Sales

Affiliate will not receive commission if one of their referrals makes a renewal payment for a subscription order.

Referral status

For each Referral status one of the following status will be applied:

  • pending – This is a referral that has been generated but is not yet confirmed
  • unpaid – This is a confirmed referral that is waiting to be paid out to the affiliate. Referral is marked unpaid when the corresponding order or signup is completed in GCI e-Commerce Once marked as unpaid, the referral is considered “earned” and should be paid out to the affiliate.
  • rejected – This is a referral that was rejected. Referrals are marked as rejected when orders are refunded or deleted.
  • paid – This is a referral that has been paid to the affiliate. Once marked as paid, a referral is considered closed and no further status changes are applied to it.

 Payment terms and method of payment

Affiliate will be paid according to the unpaid referral status report An unpaid referral status will be eligible for payment after 60 days  or order shipment date and will be processed  within forty-five (45) days after the end of each fiscal quarter for any eligible commissions.

The following payment options are available:

  • Via Paypal
  • Bank Transfer

Account Set Up

When the sign up registration  is approved to become brand Ambassador CGI has the lead and responsibility for setting up the Affiliate’s Landing Page and content. The Ambassador account will be created within 7 days after approval.


Affiliate is responsible for their own taxes.


Inherent to the technology there are limitation that makes it impossible to track a customer back to the affiliate. Here are some reasons why tracking is not possible:

  • If customer clears their browser cookies, CGI is unable to track this customer back to the affiliate
  • If customer uses a different browser and does not use the affiliate’s link, the cookie is not present in this browser and CGI is unable to track this customer back to the affiliate.
  • If customer makes purchase after the expiration date of the cookie (60) any sales generated by this customer are not tracked anymore, unless customer revisit the site with the affiliate link.
  • When Affiliate is logged in in the affiliate area, no cookies will be set.

If the cookie is lost of not set for a customer and makes a purchase, the affiliate understands that this sale will not be accounted for as a referral and CGI will not make manual adjustments to correct any issues related to referrals not assigned to affiliate.