Revitalize your skin



Organic Lycopene helps keep your skin young-looking:

it has an active effect on the evenness of the complexion, the skin’s hydration, and its elasticity.

For over twenty years, Italian women who have been taking Organic Lycopene on a regular basis have been reporting that their skin remains supple, well-hydrated and with an even complexion.

As they find Organic Lycopene an effective and natural help to fight skin aging, they started to call it “the fountain of youth”

The clinical study* done by the researchers of The University of Salento demonstrated the beneficial effects on the skin as reported by our Italian customers.

The CGI team observed the usual improvement in the natural defense systems brought about by Organic Lycopene.

These defense systems (the anti-oxidative system and the immune system) protect us against harmful environmental attacks on the skin (sun, pollution, stress).

The researchers also observed that Organic Lycopene had an active effect on the evenness of the complexion, the skin’s hydration and its elasticity, three characteristics which allow the skin to remain to look young as long as possible as it ages.

Keep your skin young-looking with Organic Lycopene

Take one to three capsules per day for two months, three to four times a year depending on your lifestyle and environment.